Service: Social Media Management for YouTube


Aesthetic Revolution is a cosmetic surgery practice specializing in treatments for the face, body, and skin. Dr. Zimmerman, the owner & medical director, is nationally and internationally renowned for his work, lectures, and written contributions to the field of cosmetic lasers. They approached us wanting to expand their social presence and monetize their YouTube channel.


Case Study

Objective: To enhance Aesthetic Revolution's presence on YouTube, leading to an increase in subscribers, views, and engagement, ultimately aiming to monetize the channel.


SEO Optimization: Leveraging the power of Search Engine Optimization, we meticulously researched and implemented keywords that resonated with Dr. Zimmerman’s specialties and target audience.

Content Strategy: Created engaging video content that showcased treatments, FAQ and informational sessions led by Dr. Zimmerman, highlighting his expertise.

Engaging Titles: Designed captivating titles to increase click-through rates.


Subscriber Growth: Within a month, Aesthetic Revolution witnessed a spike in its subscribers, adding 193 new subscribers to its channel.

Enhanced Engagement: Total views rocketed by 13,000, with a total watch time increase of 92.5 hours. The channel also experienced a boost in interaction with 443 additional likes.

Total Channel Views: The combined efforts and strategies led to the channel reaching 21,332 views within the span of a month.


The success story of Aesthetic Revolution’s YouTube channel stands as a testament to the power of targeted SEO efforts. With the right approach and understanding of audience preferences, a brand can not only expand its digital footprint but also cultivate a loyal audience base, all while monetizing its efforts effectively.