Service: Social Media Management for Instagram


Face The World MedSpa, owned by Dr. Maurice Young, MD, is a medspa located in Tempe, AZ. They specialize in botox and lip filler treatments. They approached us with the intention of establishing a social media presence and improving their aesthetic.


Case Study

Objective: To increase their social media presence and enhance their digital aesthetic, leading to improved brand visibility, engagement, and follower growth.


Content Revamp: Shifted towards a consistent and appealing aesthetic by harmonizing color schemes, using professional photographs, and emphasizing the brand's specialties.

Reels Introduction: Recognizing the traction reels generate on platforms like Instagram, we introduced a series of short, engaging video snippets, offering glimpses into the treatments and insights from Dr. Mo.

Showcasing Dr. Mo: Positioned Dr. Maurice Young as the face of the brand. By highlighting his expertise, patient interactions, and personal insights, we aimed to foster trust and humanize the brand.

Scheduled Posting: Ensured a consistent posting schedule to maintain visibility and keep the audience engaged.


Account Reach: Achieved a staggering reach of 5,370 accounts, marking a 137% growth.

Engagement Metrics: The revamped strategy saw an engagement of 262 accounts, representing a 48.8% increase.

Follower Growth: The spa’s follower base increased by 6.1% over the period.

Impression Boost: Impressions skyrocketed to 16,751, reflecting a 15.7% increase.

Profile Visibility: Profile visits leaped by 39.1%, bringing an additional 1,028 potential clients to the spa's profile.


The revitalization of Face The World MedSpa's social media presence shows the impact of a well-curated digital strategy. By leveraging trending features like reels and spotlighting the charismatic Dr. Mo, the business not only increased visibility but also improved its relationship with the clientele.