Service: Social Media Management for Instagram


Secretly Hers is a personalized and permanent jewelry company based in Orange County, California. They approached us with the aim of expanding their presence on Instagram and increasing their base of loyal followers.


Case Study

Objective: Expand Secretly Hers' Instagram presence, increase follower count and increase brand loyalty.


Audience Analysis: Understand the target audience to recognize what content and style appealed to them.

Competitive Analysis: Dive deep into the Instagram strategies of direct and indirect competitors to Secretly Hers. By analyzing the content, post frequency, engagement rates, and follower growth, we were able to identify patterns and strategies that resonate with the target audience.

Content Strategy: With insights from the above analyses, we curated a content mix that involved showcasing jewelry pieces, behind-the-scenes processes, the customer experience and UGC.

Engagement Strategy: Engage with the target audience by initiating conversations and nurturing relationships with existing followers.

Hashtag Research: Implemented a combination of popular and niche-specific hashtags to increase content visibility and discoverability.


Follower Growth: Secretly Hers saw a significant surge in followers. Within one month, there was a growth of 254 followers.

Engagement Boost: The enhanced content strategy appealed to new followers while also engaging existing ones, leading to higher interaction rates and marking a 47.6% increase over one month.


The focused and data-backed Instagram strategy for Secretly Hers showcased the potential of a targeted approach on social platforms. By understanding what resonates with their target audience and tailoring content to fit those preferences, Secretly Hers was able to achieve substantial growth and set a foundation for sustained success on Instagram.